~~The  SS Pallet Hook, is a great invention. I have a few loads that have a  lot of oddly shaped skids, and some that have to ride strapped to the  side without any other support. The SS Pallet Hook has made this type of  cargo containment, easier than anything I have ever used. It holds the  freight right in place, through the whole trip. Ensuring a , no damage  delivery every time. It is so easy to use that everyone can be trained  to use it in just a couple of minutes. It is a must have for cargo  security.

Bob Sheehy ~ Sheehy Mail Contractors Inc. Waterloo WI 

~~“I’ve  been using the SS Pallet Hooks for about 3 years now. I use them 4 to 5  times per week and they do what they say. I have never had any freight  move while using them. I have even put pallets in the middle of the back  of the trailer and put an SS Pallet Hook on each side of the pallet  with the straps over the top going to the opposite walls and the pallets  stay perfectly in place. I would not want to be without these.’’ Bruce  Draugel, Skinner Transfer Driver from LaValle, WI. 

~~When  we started handing out the “SS” hooks many drivers were skeptical as  how and if they would work. After many months of using them and drivers  talking they are becoming a very big claim saver. Much of our freight is  staggered loaded and tips/damages very easy, once I showed the  skeptical drivers the video on the Cargo Strategies web site, and many  more of them came on board. There is no way to put an actual dollar  amount on how much the hooks actually saved us, but it has saved me many  headaches. It is a great product and would recommend everyone in the  trucking industry to use them.

Matt Kolakowski ~ Safety & Compliance V&S Midwest Carriers Corp. 

~~“The  SS Pallet Hooks are easy to figure out and easy to use. They are small  enough to carry with your straps. In many cases they work a lot better  than the old traditional way and keep the freight much more secure  especially when dealing with odd or single pallet situations. Because of  their innovative design, I have also found other uses for them to help  secure freight in my trailer.’’

Kurt Huff, Skinner Transfer Driver from Baraboo, WI.