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Skinner Transfer Corp decided to go with Electronic Logs a little over 6 years ago and feel we were very successful and lost very little production with good management in key areas. One of the key areas was drivers time management. Drivers and driver managers must really focus on time to maximize the drivers production each day. Each minute of the drivers day counts more than ever so everything the driver does while on duty will be extremely important now more than ever.

Cargo securement is part of most drivers daily duties so the better a driver can secure their load in a shorter amount of time can add to a drivers production for the day, week, month and year. Cargo Strategies LLC has the perfect solution for a lot of drivers to secure freight very quickly and efficiently. The SS Pallet Hook by Cargo Strategies LLC is a very easy to carry easy to use quick securement device that works in many applications. The SS Pallet Hook is very affordable and has many time saving uses for the driver. It is another good tool to help the driver be more productive.

Imagine if a driver has a questionable load and just throws a strap behind the load to satisfy the DOT and the driver has one of the rear skids tip into the other one. the driver arrives at the receiver, the driver and receiver see the problem, the driver now has to wait while the receiver looks for their supervisor to see what to do about it. Sound familiar??? Right, the drivers clock is running and finally several hours later the driver is unloaded after they had to get approval for the driver or someone to restack the tipped pallet. But now the driver can not move because they RAN OUT OF HOURS. This all could have been avoided if the driver had the SS Pallet Hooks and took just 2 minutes at the shipper to properly secure the load.  Thankfully this driver only lost half a day production for the week because if the driver had a hard appointment they may not have got worked in to the next day or next week costing days of lost production and maybe several miles having to run the load back and forth.

Don't underestimate how important it is for the driver to have the proper securement tools and be taught how to properly secure freight. The SS Pallet Hook has been very instrumental in time management for Skinner Transfer Corp along with saving several thousands of dollars each year by not paying freight claims. Good news l