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Terms & Conditions

Warning: The SS PALLET HOOK is designed to help with the securement process and is not meant for total securement or to replace other securement methods. The SS PALLET HOOK is not meant for picking up or dragging pallets or freight or any other uses not described or shown in the pictures or videos. Do not use the SS PALLET HOOK for lifting, pulling or dragging. The end user of the SS PALLET HOOK is solely responsible for the safe use of the SS PALLET HOOK.

"Cargo Strategies'' and ''SS PALLET HOOK'' will not be liable for any claims resulting from the use of this product. Never put yourself in harms way while hooking or unhooking the SS PALLET HOOK or any other securement device. Always be sure to inspect each SS PALLET HOOK and strap for any damage or defects before use and NEVER use any SS PALLET HOOK or strap that has any signs of damage or defects.